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12.19.2012 , 02:06 AM | #1817
Seems most players are unhappy with the WZ of 8 vs 8 players. And I agree its a dumb system boxing in 8 vs 8 players in a WZ, it becomes real easily predictable who will win and you cant do anything about it, since your boxed in. Add the possibility that either part of the players can be a fully balanced premade team too, and youll se how little playerskill can add to the equation. And theres is no playerskill to talk about since we got "expertise" instead.

You need open space pvp areas like the oulaw den or ilum, so please just add pvp missions in these areas so you can earn comms/medals by visiting these areas too!!! its an easy fix!!!

Why dont we hear anything from Bioware of comming changes?