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So what is considered an expansion then? 2 planets? 3?
well 1st i would say that if its based on planet scales we have now then atleast 3-4 planets, it should also include class story and new mini games. It could but is not forced to include a new race. They could push the boat out and put bh, agents, smugglers and trooper vareints on the other side with either a new starting zone or put them with there mirrored class's starting areas. it should also have its own new fset of flashpoints and operations specifically designed for the increased levels, not reworked old flashpoints bar the heroic mode of flashpoints and nightmare mode of operations being set to 55.

Another example of what would be a true expantion is the space game, a fully fledge space game not the on rails thing we have now. With guild ships and space pvp and pve.

What makeb stands for is nothing beyond a cheap money grab for what has already been stated as a none expansion patch content.

No one is against real expansions and im sure that people would pay good money for a real expantion and real expansions are a given to cost ontop of subscriptions.
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