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We are talking about PuGs in first place..
And even in a solid group, some healers can feel themselves more comfortable at the steady places to make their channellings.. so with some ranged classes aswell..

It is more safe to just hide behind Kolto Tank and to not expose the group for Lorick's charges.. Let the Kolto Tank eat all the charges.
It is safer, yes, but it is entirely possible to run to the left, without making Lorik throw the satchel charges all over the room. I usually run to his left as he starts throwing. That way he usually misses me, and won't hit anyone else. Then before he throws the second batch, I run back to his right, so he never turns against the others.
Works like a charm, and usually I only get hit by one or two, unless I forget about it in a tired haze or because of lag.

Though hiding behind the Kolto Tank is indeed a safer bet.
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