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12.19.2012 , 12:03 AM | #139
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so this is a bit like WoL? i can upload the whole ops group data without having the rest of the ops worry about doing anything? (always someone in the ops group is completely ignorant of anything outside the game) so i can just download this myself and use it for the whole ops?

if so ill be testing on tuesday

is there a site like World of Logs that i can upload this data too yet?

edit: after reading a few pages back dont worry, seems its a dead project now.
ok. is there anywhere i can see how to do this?
cause im usually the guy who uploads the log from my raids, so if i could do them all at once that would be awesome! tutorial anyone? or mabye just a quick run down of the steps i need to take? what needs to be running? need to be grouped already? etc. Thx!