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Well from what I've read and seen in the Q&A, the plan has been set for sometime. Speculation on my part, but from the interviews it seems these things are being treated on separate time tables. And we know that the next major patch, 1.7 will be Illum.

My guess is that they will remain separate as they have different teams working on them and they are at different stages in the dev process. Pretty common practice. Only time will tell. But we should know in mid Jan.
Yeap, and we also knew that Makeb was going to be a free content patch....Just wait sir, 1.7 is already pushed back to Jan/Feb, to which it will be pushed back again to Feb/March and then suddenly its going to get lumped into ROTHC....Do you think the "were pushing 1.7 back for the Holiday's" was the truth? LoL! With all the lies Bioware has thrown around I am surprised you would believe this one....Its being pushed back so that we will forget it was promised us so it can be lumped into ROTHC

Just wait and see.