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Longest thread ever! Don't even know what all the content covers but this is obviously a controversial topic. Just want to throw my vote in for restricting access to non-ranked warzones. They made ranked warzones for a reason. 4-mans can go play there if they want. And we all know what really happens...two 4-mans get together, either from the same guild or two allied guilds, and it's pretty much a wipe for the poor pug from the get go. No point in even sticking around for such games sadly. Send any 4-man or above to ranked I say!
I agree and alot of others including myself have suggested it. The biggest issue with ranked right now is there is no cross server pvp que so the folks queing up for ranked will wait most of the day just for one game. Alot of people are turned off from pvping due to the overly excessive CC's and the premades. BW really needs to fix this to retain subs.
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