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sure but they lasted and prospered for milenia, the GE not even 20 years lasted.
You could say that sidsious were able to get revenge that the sith long wanted, but thats about it. Imo he achieved that. In practical terms the sith empires of old were much more.
They achivied other kind of things, mainly projecting way of lifes when the dark side was supreme, they created a world/ society where sith lords were part of the ruling elite, and make it work, things were only bad when they chose to confront the republic.
There were infightings, yet they conquered worlds and prosper alot. What that says? while the sith empire can take a rebelion and get on top, the GE cant because there are only 2 sith.
Yes, other Empires lasted (much) longer than Sidious', but they were never able to conquer the Republic. Sidious did. That's the point of the Rule of Two. We can't say the Rule of Two is weak because other Empires couldn't topple the Republic and the Jedi. Only the Bane dynasty could.

Throughout Galactic History we see Sith Empires rise to challenge the Republic but fail miserably. The Bane dynasty and Krayt's Empire are the only ones to ever truly conquer the galaxy.

The Sith Empire held control of a good portion of the galaxy for a long time. The Galactic Empire held the entire galaxy for a short period of time.
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