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12.18.2012 , 09:04 PM | #1
So with F2P they had a content patch drought while they got ready for the super awesome Cartel Market.

Now Supposedly we were going to get Makeb, Cathar, and Illum in patches for free. Suddently, out of the blue, Makeb is going to cost everyone 10-20 bucks and they are calling it an "expansion" but in reality they know and we all know its not a true "expansion."

Who wants to put some money right now that Illum as well as Cathar are going to be pushed back and included in the "Expansion" It certainly would feel more "expansiony" with that content.

Sorry for all those waiting for their free Illum and Cathar, but I would bet you 5000 cartel coins that they are now going to be part of the new ROTHC.

Ya know, I find it kind of ironic that they made it about the Hutts considering the whole lore behind what the Hutts are... Bioware ...Hutts...

It all makes sense now!