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So basically you want to be able to hit people without them being able to hit back? Your attacks do just as much damage at close range as long range, more actually as you can rocket punch. The gap closer is a balance mechanic to keep melee's from getting kited to death. You have plenty of tools to keep them at bay, so don't complain about their tools to close tha gap.
Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm not an expert at PvP in SWTOR yet, and I've only played as a Merc with Arsenal so far, but there is something seriously wrong with the balance atm. Asuming all classes do the same damage (within 5% as stated by Bioware themselves), then there should be a way for a ranged class to partly kite a melee class, since his attacks have a casttime and are therefore interruptable. As much as a ranged class can kite, just as much should a melee class be able to lock out a ranged class.

The problem I personally experience is that I get in range, I want to start to DPS, but I get instantly jumped. After this point, I basically feel I have to fakecast while this melee class is whaling on me. I try to cc him, but I can only get a max of 2 Tracer Missilies off, before he's on to me again. I then die within 2 seconds after that, due to silly amounts of HP compared to damage...

I feel that I drop like a fly myself, and no matter how much I try to kite and cc, I can't seem to keep people off of me, not to mention, prevent them from killing me.
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