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first off thanks to the ones that ansewered my last thread now i get why player aren't doing ranked as much as normal wz.

over the last week a few small guild have asked me to join them and this got me thinking (witch hurt a little lol) that maybe there are too many small guild trying to start up and do pvp and that is why its hard to get numbers for ranked. i have been playing his game for a while now and have noticed there are 2 top pvp guilds on each side, if you play pvp you will know them iam not going to name them. as well there are 2 part time pvp guild on each side. so my thought is maybe same of the small guilds should try and join the bigger guilds to boost there numbers so they have the numbers to do ranked more offen. i just think there are to many guilds on this server for the number of people that play.
so what my thought is that if most pvpers are in the top 4 pvp guilds they will then have numbers to do moe ranked games . what do you guys all think?
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