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Just a quick update on this increasingly arid thread.
1. They don't want to run into server best premades in match after match.
2. They don't want gear gap to impact their performance (GW2 has no gear gap now)
3. They don't want to play without cross-server queues and a reasonable match-making system.
4. They don't want to play a game with dead ranked and no tournament ladders and guild v guild matches.
4. They thought cc was out of control.
Do we really want to cater to these people at the cost of losing many many more potential players?
I have lvl 50 toons in both factions and when I queue it's premades or partial premades versus some of the saddest recruit geared solo players 4 out of 5 matches. But that 5th match when it's pug vs pug is so fun due to the random nature that I keep playing.

Yes, I have been offered worthwhile premade teams to join but I really don't want to get on a headset and play a set position or specific task. It would be so much less frustrating if the developers simply improved their matching system. For those of us that follow these threads we can agree that the current system does a fill around a larger group.