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Good evening fellow SWTOR players. I wanted to stop by this forum and share with you my personal experience as a Pax gaming applicant.

Let me start by saying that while the community did directly ask me to share my thoughts and experiences in regards to the Pax application process and the guild in general, in no way am I being forced or coerced to do so. I am here of my own free will to share with you my individual experience with this guild full well knowing my application could very well be denied as much as it could be approved.

To get directly to the point, this is a great group of fantastic individuals who have the unique talent of turning a good game into a fun, rewarding, and memorable gaming experience.

First, the guild is incredibly well organized from a leadership, social, and activity standpoint. From the time I posted my application to the past 12 days of playing in game with the Pax members their skillset of offering something to its members has become glaringly apparent. While one could classify Pax as a large guild I would say they are a guild that participates. What I mean is you could have the largest guild in the game but if no one is ever online (without the proper organization in which to work) what have you really accomplished? This group not only provides a large member base in which to play with but one that is active and knowledgeable.

Second, in case you havenít checked out the website yet Pax is a multi-game guild. Meaning if you enjoy other titles there could be an opportunity for you to venture out and play with Pax as part of those titles. As much as I love SWTOR there will probably be times for me where I wish to try other titles. Pax offers that to its community in a way that is very inviting. My application for example was in regards to SWTOR and GW2 and as part of my process I was able to engage members in regards to both games.

Third, the Pax community in SWTOR is very diverse in gameplay and skill level. This was a big item for me as I do not consider myself a very competitive or skillful player when it comes to SWTOR particularly on the PVP side. Pax however has some very good diversity in terms of opportunity for teaming up with other players. Want to roleplay? That is available. Wish to play a Republic alt? That is available. Wish to play an Empire alt? Yup, that too. PVP not your thing? Itís all good. Thus far through my application process Iíve engaged numerous players who enjoy different things at different levels. As somewhat of a new player I find myself in an environment that encourages me to get better through interaction and gameplay while not losing focus of the enjoyment gaming brings.

If you are considering playing SWTOR or returning to the game after an absence and are looking for a guild Pax is definitely a guild I would encourage you to consider. As one of the applicants said earlier in this thread developers can provide a game with all of the content and tools in the world but ultimately it is the community you game with that can make or break that experience.

Good luck to all of you.