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Presume much? I never said I'd cleared it pre-bugs. In fact we were struggling with it. We cleared it with the bugs, and now I think we will probably get it once it is fixed.

The point is that you assume everyone should feel as challenged by the content as you do. Sorry we are not all as pro as you. The guy I responded to above was annoyed that people were going to clear the content with the bugs and get the gear. My response was to not worry about the gear and be more concerned with your own achievements. There are plenty of players whose skill level puts them in a place to clear the content as it is now but who might struggle without the bugs.

But all of that went sailing over your elitist head

Edit: And, yeah, when we finally clear it bug free, I'll feel pretty good about the accomplishment. (Otherwise, why play?) But I won't look down on people who can't do it or claim it's easy just because I can do it. We are obviously very different types of players.
Sorry, I don't look down on those who haven't cleared it. Now who's presuming?

There's just no reason to make the distinction of it being a greater achievement pre-bug. That's the only real point I was making. Okay, sure, I feel it's pretty easy so I don't think anyone who should go, "Oh yeah, I'm better than you because I got it pre-bug."

So, no, I don't think it's a much greater achievement pre-bug. You seem to think so. So I'm not sure who's the elitist one here...