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12.18.2012 , 03:22 PM | #1
As seems the case in most MMOs... a new expansion, new levels, new missions, usually means new and better gear.

So I'm kinda curious, before I bother trying to grind Ops and HMs and whatnot.

How likely is it, that the first Green drop will completely dwarf the stats on the shiny Black Hole gear we're supposed to be striving for?

When I was 49, I had some of the best stuff I was able to wear. Then I hit 50, and some little ATM on the fleet gave me some Recruit gear. Bye bye 49 gear! Oh, and then along came the free Tionese Comms a little later.

Now I can't decide which free set is better than the stuff I was grinding Comms and/or asking guildies to help me mod. Couple that with the new epic Ship mods, that you could grind for, or just buy with Cartel coins.

Thinking back to the days I used to play "The MMO That Shall Not Be Named", when a new expansion would come along. The first reward you got for killing 5 indigenous species, was better than the best I'd had on 5 minutes before.

So yeah... should we bother with Dailies anymore? Or just throw money at Bioware, and wait to reap the rewards of Pay2Win?