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Nice. Lets nickle and dime subscribers more. Thanks for keeping that whole "subs wont ever pay for content." crap you fed us. Loving how this CONTENT UPDATE is being toted as an expansion by you guys too just because it has a level increase. 1 Planet? What a joke. No character story? Whats the point of even play SW:ToR when the only thing that was decent you guys have thrown away?
how is 1 planet not enough? and 1 planet that's 5 levels worth of content?

let me remind you that Voss + Corellia BOTH added were for lvl 45-50, and do you have any idea how LARGE those 2 planets are?

1 planet with 5 levels worth of content is MASSIVE in scope, especially POST-50 experience wise (or they can boost the exp gain from each quest by a big multiplier) and with a raise in level cap, logically means adding in new equipments, TONS of quests, and possibly more end-game flashpoints/ops

and this is "Chapter 4", take it how you will but a "chapter" expansion cannot be a small add-in like Section-X or Ilum was... we still don't know yet, how "different" it will be between each class but it'll DEFINITELY be having a good story to last you a while