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I've been dealing with the downfall of the IMPs since Keller's Void. Imps ruled there at the beginning, but the Pub competition was so bad all the top PVP guilds rerolled Pub toons for the challenge. Shortly after that we went into our first merge and it would seem most of the other servers that merged into JC were pub heavy as well. With the win record favoring Pub so heavily quite a few remaining Imp pvp guilds broke up or defected from being stomped by all the new server Pubs.

Imps seem to be gaining a little ground lately, but in PUG land its gotten nothing but worse. When you are a DPS sorc and you have the highest HP's EXP in over half of your PUG groups by a difference of thousands of HPs you know you are going to have a rough match.

Then you roll out of the gate and see LD50 or Prime-Defense or the likes coming at you and your creampuff army and just roll your eyes.
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