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I know we shouldn't be hiding in the Story and Lore board, but by Cthulhu I hate every single SGRA thread that pops up in General Discussion. It's as if because we're no longer sitting in the corner, all the antis suddenly have the "right" to ***** and moan about how their content is so much more important and how they're not homophobic honest they just don't think non-heteros should ever be represented in a game.
I'm over there, 'fighting the fight' again. But it's getting increasingly boring always having to argue with the same three anti-peeps over there who clearly have issues.

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Well, I'm a sucker... so I just went ahead and pre-ordered the new chapter.
Now I'm just crossing my fingers and waiting for an SGRA confirmation.
I pre-ordered too. Still gonna unsub if SGRAs are not in. I'm not that easy to get, BW.