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Mature players who excel at PvE approach the rest of the player base with a sense of humility because they have nothing to prove. Then there's you.
Quote: Originally Posted by LarryRow View Post
But you are completely correct that clearing the Operation before the bug is a much greater achievement.
Why say there's nothing to prove and then say that clearing it before the bug was a much greater achievement? Sounds like you were the one who had something to prove by saying that pre-bug was "much greater achievement."

My guild could care less. We don't feel the need to flex in front of others and say how awesome it is that we did it at the "much greater achievement" level. My point is that you're raising up the "pre-bug" clearing as something greater than it really is.

I wasn't telling you that we cleared it the first week so that you should worship me or my guild. I was telling you that so that you can stop making the distinction of pre and post bug. The only real challenge to that fight is the 15% to 3% where nothing has changed pre and post bug.