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This is my first attempt at a community pvp event.

Nar Shadaa
Club Ufora in the Red Light District
Meeting at the Slippery Slopes Cantina on the Promenade 8pm sharp.

Alternate location
To be decided.

To be decided.

Style of PVP: 3 round Death match, no holds barred.
Rewards: Cash, fun and pride.
Total entrance fee's collected will be awarded to the best player of the night by group vote.
Plus one surprise event

What we need.
2 teams of 16 per side per match (I team for each faction)
2 referee's (1 Imp, 1 Pub)
1 community vent/TS channel for 32 plus players

The rules.
1/ Do not target any Referee (marked with Blue shields)
2/ Wait till the battle is called to begin.
3/ Lowbies are welcome to watch but will be killed if they interfere.
4/ 10k credits entrance fee per toon.
/5 No battle Rez.
6/ DEATHMATCH battle, so last toon standing wins for their faction.

What I need?
One Volunteer either Pub or Imp to be a Referee.
The guild Leader or PVP leaders of our guilds to contact me about this and talk to their guildmates about it.

I will be contacting the leaders of Midian, NIghtmare Council (great name btw), 419, Beyond Redemption, Ewokalypse Now etc to get an idea of interest and sort out a date and time.

Anyone interested please post here.

Also interesting areas to fight in that are open to both factions would be good to know.
Some other servers are for instance having battles for bridges on Hoth etc.
This looks pritty fun to do and get out there and interact with other players. Any chances you think this will happen again?