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The only reason I know sorcs and sages should have bubble stun is because it makes knights and warriors qq. About time we had something....

And yeah as someone else pointed out, it's something a coordinated team could achieve with grenades too, another thing which should have been removed ages ago, along with the biochem/clicky relic change.
LOL, this. Hearing the OP smash brigade QQ about not being able to lolsmash is particularly rich.
Although in normals, it's annoying have to communicate/keep other sorc healers from using their bubbles.

" NO, really, if you let me do bubbles, they will end badly for our opponent". They usually do listen, but I just don't feel like having to do that typing over and over. Seems I'm always in a zone with 2 other sorcs.

Everyone says and agrees they suck, yet they are all over my WZ's
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