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I completed the JK story recently and it of course ends with you defeating the Emperor. I've heard the JC story is similar in that you confront the Emperor or some variant of that.

Then, as a Republic player, you get a questline on Ilum that is a direct follow up to the defeat of the Emperor. You find out that after the Emperor fell, Darth Malgus made his move to form his own empire, and you now have to confront him as well in the flashpoint The False Emperor.

That's two major imperial characters. And not just any characters, the leaders of the Empire. One being iconic to this game. (Malgus) So, it got me wondering, do the SW and SI stories end with defeating major Republic leaders? Such as Satele Shan or the Republic chancellor?

I'm also curious to know what BW does with the empire going forward since their entire leadership structure and chain of command is in disarray. Will a new emperor rise, or will we get a situation similar to what we saw in KOTOR 2 with various Sith Lords all claiming their own fiefdom?