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It's safe to say that there are baddies on both sides of the field. I do tend to believe that more of the solid imps will not q solo in pugs. I posted this in a different thread, but I give Powertaco credit because I see him solo q'ing often. I solo q on Devildog and Cheerleader all the time. I usually stick around until the end unless the team is full of fail and I either have to leave or /slit. I know some good PVPers that were horrible at one point. Who didn't believe in recruit gear at one point. Who ignored objectives at one point. Everyone starts somewhere and there's only one way to learn... get smacked around some and yelled at.

When I PVP, I always check to see if someone in the guild is pvping first or a friend on my list. It's more fun that way because you can work together. Plus... Winning > Losing. I will say that the friends from my list are friends because I solo q'ed and pugged... so there is benefits there as well. I do tend to believe that there is quality on both sides of the field, but I think there are more dedicated and active PvPers on the Rep side.

Last point... if you want to run with the solid PVPers... make an effort to get to know them.. but more importantly... learn your class... spec the right way... put out numbers. When I PvP on Devildog, I spec Assault 99.9% of the time. THe only time I don't is if I forget to respec after a raid. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a tracer missile/grav round spammer... cause they are easy kills. Speccing correctly is very important. Some people prefer a certain spec because it's fun... but its utility is zero in a warzone.
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