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When I ignore BH game plot elements (and, for that matter, certain content advisories), it's not because I hate the writers. I promise!

@QwibQwib I love seeing Keeper annoyed by the billion annoyances of his job. I really do. I don't actually remember whether he had any reactions in game to my [Flirt]ing with everything in possession of a pulse...pity, I'd have loved to hear that VA have a go at additional icy disapproval with a side of Keeper's trademark angryface. (Oh, wait - he did have one very stiff "When you're quite finished" after I hit on Watcher Two, but that may have been provoked by Watcher Two/Kaliyo sniping as much as my inappropriate advances. The man gets to herd cats for a living...)

(P.S. I have infinite love for Agent/Warrior pairings.)

@iamthehoyden, aiee, hands. That's a devastating mindstate Also that was way not something I should've been reading at work, so far as having any concentration whatsoever afterward goes. Wow, I love how that went.

@irishfino I believe I mentioned that your Vette/Quinn first impression is my favorite Ald!verse story yet. "Kill the Twi'lek first"...perfect planning, Quinn, my boy XD

@EverSteam, bated breath was actually involved in reading this. Wonderful tension. And I know so little about Torian thanks to the fact that almost all his stories are bound up in BH spoilers one way or another; he seems intriguing.

...rather than mashing F5 on this thread, I keep instant-email notification up. And keep a live-updating email window open at all times, you know, just in case.
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