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12.18.2012 , 04:46 AM | #29
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well at least according to you I am at least a master of the class on the forum, where as you are horrible in game and on the forum. 1 point me, 0 for you.

And yes it is complicated, button smashing gets you no where. 2 points me, 0 for you.

Apparently lvl'ing up a AC did not teach you how to play the class, 3 points me, 0 you.
Look guys, schooch earned a bunch of point right here! Lets celebrate him a bit, but then we should jump back to our issue, coz 1.6.1 still didn't came out with any upgrade for the AC's healing tree.

By the way Schooch, this 3 : 0 was epic! I hope you frapsed it : D gg!