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this happened awhile ago, but i still think it was pretty awesome.

so me and two guildies were doing the Ilum heroic (pub side). we had a guardian tank, sent, me being gunslinger, and my healer companion. there were a couple other groups running around in the area as well. we were making good progress when all of a sudden, the sentinel accidentally agroed a patrol, which in turn agroed 4 other mobs. this caught us off guard, and we ended up wiping. i think those mobs were glitched or something because when we all ressed, they apparently saw through our stealth and immediately attacked us. we had no time to heal up, so we wiped again.

by now, a second group of questers wandered over to see what was going on. when my group wiped a second time, the angry sith mobs ran after group number 2. one of the guys from that group accidentally backed into yet another cluster of mobs, causing them to have to fight about 6 strongs and 4 elites all at once. my group finally resses again, and we try to help.

my dps causes me to get singled out and murdered, so i lay there on the ground with a 10 min res timer. all i could do was watch the massive fight going on around me. it wasn't looking good. but then, lo and behold, i noticed someone trying to res me! a shadow who was soloing the heroic ran over to offer his assistance, and was able to get me ressed before 4 mobs collapsed on top of him.

what a battle! it took about 8 players to kill off about 15 angry heroic mobs. when the dust finally settled, we were all just kinda standing there catching our breaths, tending to the wounded, and looking around like "is it really over?"
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