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Unfortnately he's right. Now, I'm not going to go searching for all the posts, but there have been hundreds threatening to rage-quit if real-life holidays started triggering events in game.

It's humorous to see the community flip-flop on this. Back in the day, everyone was a Star Wars purist, not wanting their immersion ruined by silly holiday events like those other mmos do. Now, we've got 100 pages of people upset that we don't have events while all the other mmos do.
I remember these posts before release, life day was the only one people seemed to kinda ride with, still a great deal of people wanted nothing. Too bad because i really like the galactic moonfest from SWG

Honestly though, i dont think the people flip-flopped in what they wanted, i think the player base has changed.

A great deal of players from back then are no longer here, and we have new players now that want different stuff.