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Unfortnately he's right. Now, I'm not going to go searching for all the posts, but there have been hundreds threatening to rage-quit if real-life holidays started triggering events in game.

It's humorous to see the community flip-flop on this. Back in the day, everyone was a Star Wars purist, not wanting their immersion ruined by silly holiday events like those other mmos do. Now, we've got 100 pages of people upset that we don't have events while all the other mmos do.
You can't really look at it as awhole with a singular want or needs. I am not saying everyone feels the way some of us do, but nobody i know feels the way you say.
The real issue with the forums is peopel usually only post when they dont liek things, so you always get the feeling that the community doesnt like anything.

But with that said, I am not sure the majority of MMO players feel they are RPers and get upset when the real world invades their game in a fun way. And I am sure most liek the holiday events.

GW just started theirs and it is awesome. Yes they have items in their cash shop, but they also have tons of world events and items for you to go out and explore for FREE.