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I forgot to add in missle blast. THIS IS JUST TOO FUNNY!

i am absolutely giddy right now because Im still doing just as well as everyone else in reg warzones using 3 buttons. Rapid Shots, Incendiary, and Missle Blast......I have what you call a **** eating grin on my face when i play like this. I have never had so much fun.
I often wonder about folks like you.

How do you take personal pleasure in something that has nothing to do with you, and even reveals how inadequate you are? (nevermind, there's that whole PreMade thread full of the same types)

Tracer Missile wasn't even close to a Merc's most powerful attack.
Suckwads spammed it, other suckwads lost to it.
Most apparently didn't even know they had an interrupt. Smart nerf, BW!