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Except Cash proved you wrong. Pretty conclusively. Using numbers which YOU ignored, and without even bringing up the big fact that Charged Bolts resets HiB while Hammershot doesn't. But hey maybe I didn't follow that argument well enough.
I suggest you brush up on your math as well as your reading skills. The numbers Cash used either assumed CGC never proc'ed or assumed that CGC proc'ed 100% of the time for both RapidShots and PowerShot. This is clearly flawed given the higher chance of CGC proc'ing with RapidShots. I did not *ignore* those numbers. Rather I presented the CORRECT numbers using the proper probability function for CGC proc'ing. And the result, which you know, but chose to *ignore* is that RapidShots does more damage than PowerShot.

Nor did I ignore the issue of RailShot procing. Instead I pointed out the limited window in which one could plausibly attempt to use PowerShot and the multitude of issues (interrupts, stuns, cc's, knockbacks, target movement, cc's on target, AoE on you) that degrade any chance of success. I will note that by using iterative techniques it is possible to determine the crossover probability for these events at which time it *is* efficient to use PowerShot, i.e. when the probability of being interrupted, stunned, cc'ed etc. is below that level PowerShot can be viable (again in the limited time window presented). I'll spare you the mathematics, although something tells me you will demand to see it down the road. But at any rate, that crossover percentage is right at 12%. In other words, IF you are at the right time window in your rotation sequence, AND the combined chance of being interrupted, stunned, cc'ed, pushed back, target moving behind LoS, target being cc'ed or having AoE placed on you is below 12% for that GCD, then there is a very marginal benefit to using PowerShot. That is the bare thread on which PowerShot useage hangs. And even then it is a horribly inefficient heat management strategy. Bottom line: PowerShot sucks.