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Wow so wrong on all accounts.

Most people plant their commandos in one spot and try to deal out heals like a sage. Then you will see people try to run around like an operative throwing out heals and running away. Ugh.

People just don't understand the class, because it is utility heavy.

When players suck at any calls, they blame the class instead of themselves. Sages are easier to heal with, but are not better IMO
I know how channeling works , )
I made examples with scoundrel, but I play sage as well how I mentioned it, here is a vid 5:18-6:50 what I made with my 2. sage (don't wanted to waist ranked coms on my mains till 1.5 so I rolled a 2. one : P)

ok its a shadow + a powertech but can you imagine, that commando/ merc would survive? no way man : D
Your AC needs upgrade and if you play it like a main I can't imagine way you argue (the reason could be that its not your main , ))