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This exactly, the point is these items shouldn't even be on the Cartel.. what mmo charges for holiday items. I remember another mmo that threw down a christmas tree and had gifts christmas day to open.. FREE content. Charging for holiday stuff is nothing short of lame and the possibility of paying for additional content in the future as a sub is very dishearting.
^I agree and I think these cheap money grabbing moves hurt the game image.

Do we need the Cartel Market yes but it shouldnít be used as a cough out to doing standard MMO feature and I feel event/holiday gift are standard since most MMO do them. Even GW2, that complete free, can manage to do an event. So there no excuse for why our team didnít bother. To make thing worse this wasnít just about Life Day, this was the game 1 year anniversary a milestone and yet they couldnít put the effort forward to do something special for it. As for the firework, there didnít appear to be to0 much effort put into them. Donít get me wrong I do love the game and that why I hope they learn from this.