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Shrug, MY warrior blamed Baras before she blamed Quinn. You know, the fellow with absolutely zero force abilities or power enough to resist the will of a Sith Lord. She was actually bummed at her own inability to protect Quinn from Baras' manipulations, in fact. It's just that the last person she was truly angry with, was Quinn, who was, she knew, nothing but a mere force-blind Imperial caught between two battling Sith.

So her rage was directed towards what she knew was the proper target for it. Not Quinn but Baras. Which was probably good in the long run, because Quinn is perhaps the most valuable companion she could call her own. He captained her ship, navigated for her, proved to be a technical AND tactical genius time and again, ran her medical bay with expertise, and, finally, helped her relax during downtimes between missions.

You don't ruin something worth having, basically.
Well said, my Warrior was pissed at Quinn mind you but more pissed at Fat Man for thinking he could get away with it. If Quinn really wanted to he could have blown the ship up or killed me in many different ways. I think he only tried to do it out of duty to Baras but knew it was going to fail thus he did his duty to Baras and then was killed by you for failing, his honor still intact when he died. Baras was my real target and after Quesh part II so was Dragh.