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Hello, and welcome to an alternate Warrior/Agent drama-romance! The AU thread has been a great source of ideas. Then, a recent storyline I concocted in the Short Fic (main universe) thread showed me a great jumping-off point where Wynston, the agent of the Ruth Means Compassion storyline, might have changed things a lot.

Skip down here if you already know the SFC and AU thread leadup.

The Lodestone AU is predicated on the idea that, after his class storyline, Wynston, rather than playing cautious with a newly traumatized Wrath, just goes to her. After his class line and disastrous falling-out with Kaliyo, but before his slouch into alcoholism; after her disastrous about-face over Corellia but before she finishes her class line, he goes to look for her. The much later material of the Ruth-less thread never happens; things unwind in a different way…

There's already a lot of material published in the short fic threads. I'll repost it here. All this is best understood by having read RMC. Spoilers for the Warrior, Agent, and Jedi Knight plotlines, particularly endgame, are pervasive.

As a formatting convention, sections that are identical to canon Ruth Means Compassion passages or previously unpublished RMC canon segments are published in blue. Links to passages that closely parallel and provide a contrast to RMC stories are provided as appropriate.
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