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12.17.2012 , 05:35 PM | #65
Here is my take, I just got done reading it last night.

I liked the start, the whole Saatele Shan having a kid was interesting. Was rather pissed that Darth Gravus got screwed over in general and so early in the book. There was no need for him to die and the Fallen woman just irked me to no end. I felt there was a bit too much Theron all around but i liked Gnost-Dural

Would liked to seen more of the Dark Council and even the Minster of Logistics, especially at the end of the book. . It was all Republic in that book and that took away from it. Overall not a very well written book, seemed like the author just threw stuff together on paper and that was it, lazy writing. Would give 2 stars out of 5 at most. I am now reading the Darth Malgus book and so far its ok.