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Great job organizing the event, drawing a crowd and keeping the unruly people at bay. We had enough people present for another 4-5 teams. Hopefully next time they come out to play too . I had fun being the substitute punching bag when our regularly scheduled punching bag couldn't show up. Good times.

Regarding the brackets. Things were hectic in the moment, but we got it figured out in the end. In an effort to help you with the next event I put together the attached spreadsheet based on yours to hopefully simplify the bracket for you. This is by no means intended to be a criticism of a great event.

For the winner's bracket, you want to run a just take the teams that participate (in this case 5) and plug them into the corresponding "seed" spot in the top bracket. For our 5 team bracket I believe you seeded them:
1. Immortal
2. EO
3. Dayfly(CE)
4. Megazord
5. CE

First "round" everyone there are no matches because there are less than 8 teams. Second round, 1-3 get byes, 4 fights 5 . Semifinals is (a) 1 vs winner of 4vs5, and (b) 2vs3; Finals is the winners of the semifinals. (4 total matches).

If you want to run a double-elimination match, plug the losing teams into where the match they lost falls. So the loser of 4vs5 enters the bracket first, but doesn't have anyone to fight against until the loser of 2vs3 (semifinal (b)). The winner of that fights the loser of semifinal (a). the winner of that fights the loser of the winner's bracket final .

The winner's bracket winner and the losing bracket winner then fight until someone has lost twice.

For more on double elimination tournament brackets, see: or for what an 8 team bracket looks like.
Awesome! I'll be sure to utilize this system a lot better than I did last time. Thanks for the input. I'm glad you enjoyed the 3v3! We're planning other PvP tournaments to happen soon. If anyone else would like to help please feel free to shoot me a PM or post here!

This was a really helpful reply. Thanks again!
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