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12.17.2012 , 04:07 PM | #481
Quote: Originally Posted by legolegion View Post
no, it was not and it would not
and that if sabrina did not dodge it
and time between hitting the jetpack and my hiting the core would be narrow
she has time a shot off though
Look, I said in my last post tha Zero put herself in an intercet position in case you went for the core, something she surely has experence doing from her intel days. So, when you went for the core again, something she could easaly predict as that is ALL you have been doing, she was ready to fire off the jetpack the moment you hit mean. Look, I usualy refrain from telling people what to do in rp, but you should seiously consider abandoning this. You are outnumbered 4 to 1, wth all 4 perfectly capable of stoping you. Just saying you repell whoever is attacking you and jump at it again is not going to work,as the others will be wating to stop you. Flat out, there is almost NO CHANCE your attack is going to work, and the 4 are going to tear you apart. As the saying goes, run and live to fight another day.