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I am going to point out some flaw's on this otherwise great idea.

First and this is very important.
Dont EVER let a single person be able to control a entire million credit's ship(or for that mather anything bigger then frighter(player ships)

While some might accauly have the self restaint i expect alot of joy ridding this ship be explotive guild members.
Forcing players to need a full crew just to use the ship is a far better option.

Instead of have a 100k easy to shoot down fighter/bombers in your docking bay have it as a parking space for the players there ship.

Also it might be a good idea to use the ships as guild halls.
And when using the ship(moving shooter repairing etc) you need a crew to run it(gunners, engineers, pilots, boarding parties)
Ofcourse no guild is big enought to forfill all these roles so you probely need npc or make operation where people control one deadly ship(always wanted to see what it was like as a ship crew)

Anyway this is my thoughts on the mather take it as you will
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