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Ok, ,so I lvl'ed up a commando, just to take a closer look way this AC's heal tree is so infamous. (pvp player here)
Because its a big crap!! lol
I have lvl 50 scoundrel and two lvl 50 sage. Compared to this classes, commando's heal skills are useless trash, what is good for only one thing - support party in pve rides (to call it good is maybe way to much, but in that play ground its maybe viable..)

combat support cell's healing hammer shoot can't heal the commando it self (hes super heal skill is the scoundrels scan minus self use, what scoundrel use just to reload energy??? lol)

Trauma probe 10 charge?? lol for that amount of heal?

With his 2 minute shield with -30% interruption he can survive till he has energy, but just survive and wait for help lol : D - scoundrel can survive with emergency mad pack free + its insta + he can move and fight till that time.

I don't know if kolto bomb is bugged or what but it seems that it has 2m of range not 8 : D

I would say, this AC's heal tree don't need a small tweak, it has to be rebuild from the ground!

By the way, when I started to play at the launch and saw a player using "hammer s heal "in wz, I thought that its a visual bug it looks so bad!

I don't think that I will play my commando in the future.

Some positive experience - you can build up a nice dps from him (but you can do it with any other class as well...)

I always saw that they are week, but now I see way.
Wow so wrong on all accounts.

Most people plant their commandos in one spot and try to deal out heals like a sage. Then you will see people try to run around like an operative throwing out heals and running away. Ugh.

People just don't understand the class, because it is utility heavy.

When players suck at any calls, they blame the class instead of themeslves. Sages are easier to heal with, but are not better IMO