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he means that imperials attract a certain element that pubs donít we tend to get much more of the casual crowd and it is still the most popular faction so our pool of bads is greater,
I picked Imp because I thought there would be alot of casuals drawn to "jedi" aspect, also TBH I also went imp the same reason I went horde in WoW, most of the better pvp'ers were horde on my server and later on battle group, so I just stuck with the same theme it worked for me last time.....
I just hope the next big MMO is factionless, I never understood segregating a giant potion of your population from each other
This is highly dependent on the server that you play on.

I'm currently starting up on POT5 and Imp is the dominant faction there. BW has done nothing in terms of server transfers or cross server pvp, so it'll always be dominated by pubs on JC.

Cross server pvp would solve so many problems...