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DPS differs from boss to boss.
DPSing in Karagga nightmare against G4 is going to yield you better DPS numbers than the dummy. Most raids your dps numbers should absolutely go down.

Dps also differs from group to group.
If you believe you can make a judgement about a DPS number in-raid without first hearing what armor debuffs were used in the group and how consistently they were applied, then you are either psychic or rush to judgement with inadequate data.

DPS numbers also differ depending on your equipment.
If you can determine someone's skill based on a DPS number (especially determine they are "bad") without first knowing what they are wearing, you are either psychic or rush to judgement with inadequate data.

Here's my take: comparing yourself to your guild/group mates is definitely the way to go. You and your fellow raiders are doing the same content together and therefore likely wearing the same level of gear and obtaining their numbers under similar conditions. Sometimes, there's a disparity (example, marauder is next to you armor debuffing stormcaller but your buddy is off fighting firebrand). But generally speaking it's an apples-to-apples comparison. Comparing your dummy-tests to your friend's dummy tests is also an apples-to-apples comparison.

Expect numbers will be different in the field. Sometimes a person in the field can buff their numbers in a way that doesn't help the raid (AOEing twisted spawn during the burn phase of Writhing Horror), sometimes a person will think of a great innovation to help their DPS (adding affliction to multiple tentacles or onto the boss himself to get more lightning barrages in TFB last boss). Whatever the numbers say, here's the bottom line:

There is no skill meter in this game.
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