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I feel like Commando heals are gimped when it comes to end game operations. We are built for single target healing, i.e., tank healing. But the problem is that operations in swtor aren't geared toward needing a tank healer and a raid healer like in WoW. So that renders Commando healers inferior to Sage healers in most raid encounters. I have yet to encounter an Ops boss that does not favor a Sage's ability to raid wide heal with Salvation.

However, I think there is an easy fix for this. I think the Devs should get rid of the limitation on the number of players healed by Kolto Bomb. And that is really not a buff at all. Back in 1.3 or 1.4, they changed our Kolto bomb so that it worked on everyone in a 4 man group (i.e., limitation went from 3 players to 4). That was basically aimed at making the Commando a little more effective of an aoe healer. Well, that did us litte good in a raid environment, when you need to heal 8 or 16 plyers at a time sometimes. I feel like if our Kolto Bomb could heal everyone in the raid, just like a Sage can with Salvation, it would level the playing field more. It also would not have an effect whatsoever in anyhting except raid encounters where there are more than 4 players.

I was wondering what other Commando healers thought about this idea?

Of course, I do not PVP, so if someone wants to chime in to give their thoughts on how this would not be possible with respect to balanced PVP, then I am all ears.
My thoughts as an experience Commando healer, is our class heals just fine in any given situation. It would be nice to have a stronger AOE but that wouldn't be fair to sages who go into battle with light armor and the slowest force regeneration of all the classes. Sages need a strong AOE because they must hurt themselves to keep their force up. We commandos are walking tin cans that can take a beating and keep on healing. Our DPS out put is very high for a healing class as well.

A commonado healer is focused on sustain healing over time, with large crit burst. So throw on kolto bomb, prob and hammer shot and just keep yoru tank stable. You must throw on kolto bomb every 15 seconds or after every cool down to keep the 15% bonus heals up. And just heal like a boss.

I played ECHM, TFB progression raids in PVP gear and was able to keep all my teammates alive. I love commando healer, because of our strong focus heals. One the group takes damage at the same time, you should be able to two shot heal some one to 100% health while throwing out your AOE and field aids.

PVP commandos healers are a mf beast. The average hit on heals is 500k plus. You will see a sage hit 800K heal per game. But keep in mind that includes their self heals that they depend on to stay alive. Because we have a better survivalbility, a large portion of our heals are keeping up teammates alive.

Ultimately commandos are the hardest healers to master, but when you do, you are the healer that will turn the tide of the game.