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I think one nice thing would be the ability to buy "swaps" for your ability based on alignment (for instance, DS Consulars could buy a perk that lets them make their Telekinetic abilities look like lightning instead, and LS Inqs could do the opposite. Same with Knights and Statis/Force Choke).
I like this idea.

Getting back on topic....

I recently leveled a "neutral" character and while I was not able to acquire relics due to the alignment restrictions, I did not feel "gimped". Yes, I'm sure my character would have been that much better if he had had relics equipped, but how much better REALLY? Up until level 36 LS/DS III relics only provide endurance and either alacrity or crit&surge on a CD. And even then only a handful offer a +power bonus after that (and all of those provide tanking stats on a CD). It is only once you hit level 50 that the CD part of the relics start to matter.

I am just saying that not having relics while leveling is not as bad as some make it out to be.