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So I'm totally confused. I'm a sage, I have 957 expertise, I still get hit for over 6k smash in a few instances even as high as 7k I really have no clue what I can do about that. It seems I can't actually outheal anyones damage i.e. if they are shooting me 1o1 they dps faster than I heal. Bearing in my mind my biggest heal is a 2.2 sec cast and nigh on useless if I'm fighting anyone with a brain. That leaves me with 3 skills to heal myself one is a long CD self heal, the other two are slow dots, neither is enough to fend off anyone really.

Damage wise it seems every class totally outdoes a sage. My FiB crits from between 1.7k - 3.5k depending on peoples gear. my TK ticks are really low unless I crit, the dots are really low even with crits.

I'm just confused how exactly sages are supposed to do anything in PvP I've never seen a sage do well, I've seen some do better than me, but none do well. It seems the only thing I can do and be effective in anyway is try my best not be seen and spam heals, and run like the wind if I'm spotted.

I play 21/4/16, since full heal seemed even worse, I had the attacking power of a wet paper bag and pretty much no way of defending myself since as I said earlier I can't actually outheal anyones damage. So yeah I'm just a little stumped as to how a sage can actually be of any use, there must be a way. I think we are seriously gimped compared to other classes though, it shouldn't be this much of a pain to figure out. Considering how easy most classes have it with extremely simple derp specs that an untrained chimp could play.