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I guess I dont get the "Darth Maul Kiddies" comment. Are they Darth Maul because of class? Because of the armor they wear? Because they role play and say the 3 lines he had in the movie?
he means that imperials attract a certain element that pubs donít we tend to get much more of the casual crowd and it is still the most popular faction so our pool of bads is greater,
I picked Imp because I thought there would be alot of casuals drawn to "jedi" aspect, also TBH I also went imp the same reason I went horde in WoW, most of the better pvp'ers were horde on my server and later on battle group, so I just stuck with the same theme it worked for me last time.....
I just hope the next big MMO is factionless, I never understood segregating a giant potion of your population from each other
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