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I never follow that playstyle, i attack whichever one the tank attacks.

But i have learnt from experience that attacking the weaker ones first, ends in disaster, since the strong/elite totally rips you apart before the weaker enemies are dead....but then i was on my guardian at the time and dps guardians tend to lack survivability, believe it or not.
I disagree with that completely. I've always felt there were better results when the DPS guys took out the weaker ads first. Less bees stinging you. Ideally you stun the big guy first, take out the weakest guys while the tank draws aggro from the weaker ones and go up from there. That's my assessment. Mobbing the biggest guy doesn't make sense. First of all, he's going to do a bunch of damage to you all. Second of all, while he's dealing massive damage to you, the other adds are going to be doing damage to you as well so rather than being hit by just one guy, you're all being hit by multiple guys. If the tank is drawing aggro like he should, then the tank is being hit by all sides. So he gets wiped. Then the group gets wiped.
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