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i think im in love.............can you please make a summary of all that bad*** armor your wearing?
-a lv 46 jugg who wants this beast look one day
Thanks...kinda a necro post...

but here it is...most of which you can't get anymore thanks 1.6's nixing of Battlemaster PVP gear ( Yeah, I'm pissed about that though I do like War Hero's look).

Helm - Battlmaster-war leader's helm
chest - Primeval Paragon Chestplate
hands/gloves - Battlemaster-war leader gloves
legs/greaves - Battlemaster war leader greaves
boots - Battlemaster war leader boots
Lightsaber - Battlemaster Vindicator's Lightsaber.

All Level 50 items

New one of Ferious now wearing the Tionese boots,greaves, and gloves, thee tionese tank lightsaber( I'm also kept all my other battlemaster items) ...still wearing the Battlemaster Helm, and the Primeval Paragon chest though( haven't played him much since hitting but start again soon as I wanna do Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor story modes).

And this is my Level 20 Marauder, Melladonna...will be updating.

edit: @Paasch : what boots are those...I been looking for some nice boots for my marauder ( my marauder is currently wearing the fully customizable marauder boots which I bought from the GTN).
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