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OP, first off, nothing is stopping you from finding a guild/friends who want to do it your way.

Second, even if you are a new 50 and undergeared, fast comm runs are still the most efficient way for you to gear up, especially now that Bioware is handing out free Tionese to every level 50. This is equivalent gear of most of the drops in HMs, the end bosses drop Columi, but other than that, you get the gear just from hitting level 50 now, so really there is no reason NOT to skip them.

Third, don't be selfish. Just because you want it one way doesn't give you the right to try to force it on others.

EDIT: Also, ASK YOUR GROUP! Most people are reasonable enough that if it is someone's first time, and they are polite about it, the group will slow down for a new person. Polite communication goes a long way.
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