Thread: [Slicing] Bad moneymaker?
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12.17.2012 , 10:04 AM | #7
Slicing is a good money maker, i personally send all available companions on moderate yield slicing missions while questing and try to pick up every lockbox i find, the only downside is that crafters overcharge SEVERELY for items they make, i mean that if i could stomach crafting, i can make that same item for like 1k or something like that and they are trying to sell it for like 15k, i mean thats just over kill.

I know, crafters need to make a profit, but what most of them do charge is just freaking overkill, its gotten to the point where i just can't even play the game because the only things sold for low prices are the crappy greens and even some of those are severely overpriced.

I mean, at level 15, i shouldn't have to pay 15-25k for a blue quality colour crystal or 30-40k for a level 15 blue quality hilt/barrel, i pay reasonable prices, nothing more, nothing less.