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The simple rule for GF KP SM PuGing is to ask at the start how many of them know how to do a Puzzle at fabricator. If less than 3-4 people say «I know» - i quit.

And what i like most being a Shadow, that i dont die during the Creeper droids. After the boss fights I always stay behind and watch how people run into the room. lol.. I have had NO PuG group yet that not wiped at creepers at least once.. lol.. This happens even if i continuously spam «DONT GO INTO THE NEXT ROOM» like 10 times or more... someone always go.. lol..
I simply go out of combat if things went «funny»..

Quote: Originally Posted by Taiketo View Post
Just run in a circle to the left. As the tank, you'll never eat bombs that way.
err.. And how you will save the DPS and Healer from eating charges that way? You actually making Lorik to throw charges in all directions all over the room?
Most safest way to avoid charges for you AND your PUG group is to hide behind the Kolto Tank.

btw, Shadow (both Tank or DPS) can cleanse himself if he occasionally stepped in green aoe stuff..
Missandei Shadow ...yet shadows can kill. And oft-times a very small man can cast a very large shadow.