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@ Almostinsane: Vette is not OOC:
absolute Vette.

Vette and Xerxes are going to be an interesting pair, I think. Assuming, of course, that Vette’s curiosity doesn’t end up getting her into big trouble. You do illustrate that a person doesn’t have to model the behavior he’s been shown, and I like that Vette is the one to observe that about Xerxes.

@ Tatile: “My weird peach man”. I love turning the “alien” epithet on its head—to another species, humans are aliens and everything we consider within the range of normal is odd. But I also like the other gulf you show here. Between Sith and non-Sith in the Empire. I can’t help but suspect that’s going to be an ongoing issue for those two.

Rixik’s scar: two words. Chick Magnet. But mostly arrogance and an unwillingness to let a mercenary street doc mess with his face. He also uses it as a marker in reverse, keeping his face concealed (helmets and such) when he doesn’t want to be seen.

@ QwibQwib: Welcome to the thread! Drunk Sith are great, even if the profanity filter caught a great line. Also fun to have your Agent trying to maintain composure, walking a fine line between indulging a drunk (possibly even more unpredictable than usual) Sith and sedition.

@Iamthehoyden: Oh, Skari. Sad…and then I see Crae filing this information away for use later. Hopefully for a nice use, but you never know.

@ Ereiniel: I really like how your characters are so tied in with the story as presented. Also how your BH has a longer relationship with Torian than the game shows, how she already knows about Blood, or has an inkling. Really fun to read.

To Rixik’s eye, “intelligent, practical, and/or reasonable” are exclusive with “honorable” because honor requires a person to consider how others perceive you, for good or ill. Honor constrains your actions for an artificial constructed rule. Rixik barely follows rules with obvious consequences (laws), so conforming to some made-up rules with no obvious consequences is stupid. Survival and opportunity are his two main drivers, and he doesn’t have much use for anything that gets in his way.